We’re revolutionizing healthcare 

As we collectively begin to emerge from one of the greatest challenges of our lifetime, we reflect not only on the profound impact the pandemic has had on us all, but how the past two years have also set the stage for radical change in the healthcare system.

We are in the midst of a ground-breaking healthcare transformation and Women’s College Hospital (WCH) is seizing the opportunity to accelerate our efforts to build effective, collaborative and equitable care solutions. WCH is globally renowned for reimagining and pioneering new care pathways while reaching deep into our communities to remove barriers to equitable care. The cumulative effect of inequities in relation to sex, gender, race and other social determinants of health have been amplified by the pandemic and WCH has deepened our understanding and resolve to revolutionize care.

Thanks to the relentless generosity of our extraordinary donor community, we can continue to drive this important work forward. 

Over the past year, there have been countless moments of hope, resilience, and unity. Our employees, physicians, learners, volunteers, partners and donors have embodied the spirit of innovation, compassion and teamwork and demonstrated that when we are united towards a common goal, we can conquer even the greatest challenges. We are enormously grateful for everyone at #TeamWCH and humbled by their unwavering courage and commitment. 

As we look forward, we are energized and excited. Time and again we have demonstrated that when you bring the right people together and enable them to make deep and meaningful change, anything is possible. For more than 100 years, WCH has been committed to build a more equitable world and we remain relentless in our quest.

Thank you,

Side by side headshots of Heather McPherson and JoAnne DoyleHeather McPherson
President & CEO
Women’s College Hospital
Side by side headshots of Heather McPherson and JoAnne DoyleJoAnne Doyle
Chair, Board of Directors
Women’s College Hospital

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