Laurence and Judy Siegel, generous Women’s College Hospital Foundation donors, pose outdoors, smiling at the camera


Laurence and Judy Siegel, generous Women’s College Hospital Foundation donors.

A groundswell of support

What’s the impact of a donation that supports, well, anything? The answer: unlimited possibilities for the future of healthcare. 

Thanks to a wave of unrestricted donations – gifts that do not specify a particular program or initiative – Women’s College Hospital (WCH) is better positioned to remain responsive as the team addresses the highest priority needs in patient care, research, and innovation. 

In 2021, Women’s College Hospital Foundation established The Catalyst Fund – a special resource dedicated to helping the hospital address the most urgent funding needs as they arise. The Fund was launched with an inspiring gift from Laurence and Judy Siegel, who committed to match $20,000 in donations made to the newly established Fund through their family foundation, The Bulmash-Siegel Foundation. 

The Siegels say their gift is a reflection of their belief in the work taking place at the hospital. 

“We’re interested in refugee and immigrant health, women’s health and breaking down barriers to healthcare access, and WCH is doing all of those things,” says Laurence. “By trusting the hospital to use our donation in the ways they need it most, we hope we can be part of a much larger effort to make a difference.” 

Passionate about encouraging others to give, the couple’s commitment is being leveraged to raise funds from other community members – meaning the impact of every dollar donated to the Fund will be doubled. 

Other healthcare champions such as long-time patient and monthly donor Helen Kampfmuller is also helping to fuel the healthcare revolution in her own way. 

Grateful for the exceptional care she receives at WCH, Helen has been making regular donations to the hospital for decades. Following a breast cancer diagnosis and life-changing after-cancer support, Helen chose to deepen her giving to the hospital by naming WCH in her will – creating a legacy of impact that will be felt for generations to come. 

“To say that I’m grateful to Women’s College Hospital doesn’t even describe it. My gratitude only deepened when I got sick, and I’m hopeful that my future gift will help the hospital continue to provide exceptional medical care and remain a place of solace for their patients.”

Helen K., generous Women’s College Hospital Foundation monthly donor

The momentum of the healthcare revolution continues to build in other ways, too. Since 2019, WCH’s community of annual donors has grown exponentially and the number of monthly donors to the hospital has doubled – all providing a stable source of unrestricted funding, which allows the hospital to respond to urgent and emerging challenges with immediacy and flexibility. 

During last year’s door-to-door fundraising campaign, our community opened their doors – and hearts – wide for WCH. Over 500 people made new gifts in support of the hospital, the majority of whom committed to making a monthly donation, and an incredible $88,000 was raised over the duration of the campaign.

This groundswell of generous support is accelerating WCH’s mission of creating a healthier, more equitable world and every dollar donated is helping to advance the hospital’s life-changing work.

Thank you to our incredible community of donors and partners for joining the movement to revolutionize healthcare!

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